Along the Banks of my Arteries/ Vzdolž obrežja mojih arterij

Cup after cup of chamomile tea –

in the morning

yellow and white blossoms

will spring

along the banks

of my arteries


Skodelica za skodelico kamiličnega čaja –

zjutraj bodo zacveteli

rumeni in beli cvetovi

vzdolž obrežja

mojih arterij

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Light Up the Dark Corners



On the hilltop

she stands on tiptoes

and plucks

enough sunrays

to light up

all the dark corners

of her life.

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Winter Solstice/ Zimski solsticij

Winter solstice –


above this darkness

there must be the sun

big and yellow in the sky


Zimski solsticij –

nekje nad to temo

mora biti sonce

toplo in zlato

na nebu

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Seed By Seed/ Seme za semenom

Seed by seed

blue tits

fill their tiny beings

with the vitality and hope

of spring

Collage blue tit corr.jpg

Seme za semenom,

življenje in upanje


prežame vso bit

teh drobnih ptic


The pictures of blue tits were taken last December by my mum – through the kitchen window, while she was preparing lunch. This winter has been unusually warm and instead of the snow, there are dandelions blooming yellow on the slopes.


Fotografije plavčkov je lanskega decembra naredila mami, kar skozi okno kuhinje, medtem ko je pripravljala kosilo. Letos bi tudi lahko posnela kakšen podoben prizor, le da v ozadju ne bi bilo snega, ampak cvetovi regratov.

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The Sound of Impermanence

The hand

of an old wall clock


chopping eternity

into seconds

The sound of a wall cloc tick-ticking away the seconds in my doctor’s office always makes me acutely aware of impermanance, of transiency of all things and phenomena.

It also makes me a little bit sad for all the moments I had let pass without much awarness or mindfulness. Since I fell severely ill many years ago, this has changed. Any severe illness is a good teacher, maybe it’s one of the best teachers you can get, it’s just unfortunate that it’s also a very demanding one, a very strict one always thinking you haven’t learnt quite enough yet and that what you have learnt you must improve.

The lessons taught by an illness aren’t easy, they can’t be compared with what you learn at university, because in school even if you don’t pass an exam, you’re still alive and well. You can always repeat it, you can work part time…With an illness it’s much more serious: not passing very often means passing away. It means dying or at least getting much, much worse.

If there’s anything the illness has taught me, it’s patience and deep humility, but also a keen awarness of impermanence. The latter has enriched my life in more ways I can enumerate. It’s only when you’re constantly aware of transiency, only when you see decay within the things that look very much alive can you really appreciate them.

You know that every little moment is unique and that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Never again will it return, if you miss it…that’s it. You’ll never again get a chance to unmiss it, to experience it.


Every sunset is unlike any one I’ve seen until today: the colours are different, the wind on my skin feels different and smells differently, the sounds might be the same, but the quality to them is unique to this very evening, this very moment.

And so, despite a severe illness there are hundreds of things each day to appreciate, to love, to be happy about, to praise and to worship. To write little poems about. :)


(Picture not edited in any way.)

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The Sun Shining In My Glass/ Sonce v kozarcu

on this grey morning

the sun shines

bright and orange

in my glass

sokec korenčkov rev

v tem sivem jutru


oranžno in sijoče

v mojem kozarcu

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Weather Forecast in the Wind/ Vremenska napoved

Little noses



the weather forecast

in the wind


Mali noski



vremensko napoved

v vetru

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