Have been trying to live wu wei for quite some time now. Wu wei is…., well…it is wu wei, just like the Tao is the Tao. One can hardly describe it, much less so translate it. It has to be lived and felt. But the best translation one can come up with would be “unattached action”. Performing, doing things without attachments to specific outcomes. I have experienced time and again how striving to achieve a ceratin outcome, often produces the most pathetic results one can think of. So, what I have been trying to do, is to concentrate on the action itself. Though not quite to concentrate as the word itself implies tension and that is exactly what wu wei is not. Wu wei is basically effortless and smooth, no striving, no struggle. It is about becoming the action itself, forgetting your Self, being one with what you are doing. So, there is no doer, nothing which is being done, there is just the doing itself.

Currently I only get glimpses of this unattached action here and there, when I am so immersed in doing something that I know not of myself. Being able to live wu wei is a life-long practice and that is the beauty of it. Often, when yet again I fail miserably to discard my attachments to the results, I think of the inherent wisdom of nature. A little purple flower, which is actully a weed is blooming gorgeously out in our garden. She gives all her vigour and zest into the blooming, not expecting any result. She just blooms for the sake of it. The teachers are all around us. Many of them silently teaching us wu wei.

I do not own the photo. No copyright infringement intended.

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