Stran 36, šesti odstavek

I find myself sitting cross-legged. Stillness inside and out. I recognize the eyes, I see the lips I have already seen but everything is too blurry to really know. Am I waking up from anesthesia? For the world of it, I cannot remember why I would have needed one.

I concentrate on the eyes, looking at me. I see calmness. They remind me of the stillness of the sea I have once experienced. Deep and perfectly still, welcoming me, transforming my pain into bliss…, eyes speaking to me, accepting me, encouraging me. The eyes I see…of the emerald green…up in the sky at night when I cannot sleep. It is these eyes watching over me. It is these lips, that I hear whispering in my ear, when the world is about to fall apart but their whispers glue it together time and again, making the life worthwhile, turning me yet again into a believer in the inherent goodness of the world, a believer in the new dawn and in the awakening of the humanity.

The eyes vanish, so do the lips, all that remains is emptiness. The empty, dark world pregnant with endless opportunities and beauty.

Image owned by notnA Studios.

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