Ujetniki lastnega ega/ Life behind the bars of our egos

 “Doesn’t it hurt you when people go around spreading lies about you?”

“No. I’ve learnt not to care what people are saying. Really. I don’t care what they think of me. Why would I? I’ve got nothing to prove. Neither to them, nor to myself.  Gay or straight. Is there a difference? I don’t see any. Spanish, French, English or whatever, is one and the same thing. Just a different name, you know. These are all labels people tend to put so much emphasis on. Shakespeare’s Julia said, What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

 “A beautiful quote, bearing so much truth. But wouldn’t you like to set the record straight…, to tell them?” 

I don’t think that I would gain validity if I defended myself, nor do I lose validity when I choose not to defend myself. I think that being defensive, trying to prove something contrary to what people believe is just a tremendous waste of energy. I rather use it for something more constructive.  Though yes, it’s true that most people care very much what other people think of them. They obsess over positive opinions as well as the negative ones. They are afraid of being ridiculed, of not receiving as much praise and acknowledgement they feel they deserve. They are terribly attached to the praise and approval. All this fretting over acclaim is just a sign of an inflated sense of self-importance.”

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