Permakultura/Edible Forest Gardens

So the thing is I’ve been totally and absolutely inspired by all the permaculture buzz lately. Maybe there isn’t much buzz at all and it’s just me, finding pemaculture everywhere I look. Well OK, probably because that’s what I’m searching for all around me. For more than ten years now our family has been lucky to be able to grow most of the food we eat by ourselves (thanks Mum and Dad for  countless  hours spent in our garden), except in the winter when we have to buy organic produce and the local farmer’s market. But in the years to come we are going to set up a greenhouse and then we’re self sufficient as far as food goes. In the past I haven’t given this whole food growing thing much thought, it just came natural to me that you grow your own food. And it always feels good to know where your food is coming from. Right from our own garden where it’s been grown with love and attention and without all the crap big farmers use on their own crops: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers. But I’m currently reading “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunshine” and have come to realize that having your own food supply is a fantastic thing as the future of food production does look rather bleak.

So, to have an even better yield we have decided to slowly, year after year shift our “conventional” garden into an Forest Garden, which means some 3 acres of current ecological garden and lawn will be turned into a lush “forest”. I honestly think this is the best way we can take care of our health and of the health of other people and the planet. I hope more and more people realize how permaculture can help restore our planet to what it once used to be: A Garden of Eden. I will be posting pics of our growing Forest Garden in the years to come…am already excited how things will turn out. I hope all this becomes a trend in the years to come, something like being vegan is now. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we have all the right to live in peace and abundance without fear or hate. Your own forest garden, a place where you and the nature work hand in hand and with mutual respect is a great way to start. At least that’s how I feel. Working with soil and  plants reconnects us with nature and for me it’s always been a profoundly spiritual and humbling experience.

A picture of today’s goodies. Some of them were soon turned into a veggie juice (+some cabbage and cucumbers and apples) with the exception of peppercorns and yellow plums and basil. 🙂

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