McDonald’s:McCruelty…I’m hatin’ it

 Imate radi McDonald’s? Ne, verjetno ne.  McDonald’s je preteklost.  Če pa še niste prepričani, vam lahko pomaga TALE STRAN

Nobeno ubijanje živali ni humano, a vseeno obstajajo bolj in manj “humane” metode. Če se nikakor ne morete ali ne želite odreči vašemu mesu, potem se odločite vsaj za “ubij me nežno” varianto.

From PETA site:

You can help us win another victory by joining our McCruelty Campaign today. McDonald’s usually leaves its cruel slaughter methods out of its advertising, but with our McCruelty Sign Generator, you can expose the truth (and have some fun). Writer George Bernard Shaw once challenged a woman’s appetite for chicken by suggesting that instead of sitting passively and being served the dish, she cut the bird’s throat herself. That is something worth thinking about whenever you consider ordering Chicken McNuggets. Most of us are too kind to wield the knife, but the tragedy is that if we pay for the service, someone else will gladly wield it for us. Hundreds of millions of chickens are killed for McDonald’s restaurants every year. Many of these gentle birds have their throats cut while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain, and many are scalded to death in tanks of hot water. There is a less cruel method of slaughter available today that would eliminate these abuses, yet McDonald’s refuses to require its U.S. and Canadian suppliers to switch to it.

 You can help stop the cruelty now: Tell McDonald’s to use a less cruel method of slaughter.

Write to McDonald’s now and demand that it phase in the exclusive use of chickens killed by “controlled-atmosphere killing” (CAK) by requiring that its suppliers switch to this method.

Tell your friends and family about McCruelty. There are hundreds of ways to help animals with the click of a mouse. Find out how to share on Facebook and other Web sites.

 Plan to attend local McCruelty demonstrations. Round up your friends and local activists and hold your own demo outside your local McDonald’s.

Also be sure to join PETA’s Action Team in order to receive e-mail alerts about demonstrations that are coming your way. You can join today by filling out the form here.

Share McCruelty leaflets and stickers. Order our action pack of free leaflets and stickers to hand out to friends, family, and strangers!

 Go vegan. Good intentions are not good enough.

 Change your life for the better and save the lives of animals. It’s easy to stop eating animals: Check out PETA’s “Vegetarian Starter Kit” for inspiration and pledge to go vegan today. I know that we can beat McDonald’s—we’ve done it before. PETA’s first McCruelty campaign drove the company to make significant changes in its treatment of animals.

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