angus & julia stone


Do včeraj sploh še nisem slišala za ANGUS & JULIA STONE, a sem jih na srečo odkrila, ko sem iskala čisto nekaj drugega. And how glad I am that I came across them! Angus and Julia are brother and sister and their music is totally adorable – light and airy like these photos of them.

 Listening to them feels like a bike ride on a summer day: sun-kissed skin and wind in your hair or it feels like dangling your legs off the pier looking out at a sparkling sea and eating a sweet, juicy honeydew melon. Julia’s voice has a similar quality to Joanna Newsom and his is its perfect complement – very soothing and understated.  Their music is simple and sweet, and a perfect soundtrack for spring and summer. Their video for “Mango Tree” captures this essence:

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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One Response to angus & julia stone

  1. Sabina says:

    Luštno. Nisem poznala, a ima krasen glas. Sem prisluhnila še par posnetkov. Pa ogledala tudi :). Za dušo. Pomežikec

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