International Green Smoothie Day/Dan zelenih sokov

Včeraj, 15. avgusta je bil mednarodni dan zelenih sokov. Ja, tudi to obstaja. Več si lahko preberete TUKAJ in TUKAJ.

And how happy I was, I could celebrate something as awsome! Because I love, love smoothies be it green, brownish, yellow or any other colour. They are packed with all the good things, like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and a bunch of other stuff that has not yet been given a name but is definitely so, so healthy for us. The good thing about them is that you can make them either more protein rich (flax, hemp) or more carbohydrates rich, you can make them spicy, sour or sweet or very, very sweet. You can make them pretty filling or just very light and easy. But whatever you do, they are always yummy, cleansing and energizing as absolutely no energy is wasted for digestion. They leave you feeling alive, awake, yet peaceful becuase you know you did something good for yourself and the planet. And they leave you begging for more.

And here, the recipe for the smoothie I had yesterday:

spinach 300g

3 carrots

1 beets

1 cucumber

cabbage (one quarter of it, though it was pretty big)


1 apple

fresh ginger (1 inch)

All the above juiced with the Green Star.

Throw the following in a blender, blend, pour the juice inside and blend again:

1 avocado

1 Tsp goji berries

1Tsp hemp seeds

1 Tsp ground flax seeds

1 Tsp bee pollen

a dash of salt

1 tsp cinammon

1/4 tsp of ground cardamom

If you want the whole thing to taste sweeter, add a couple of peaches or any sweet fruit you’ve got at hand. If that still isn’t sweet enough for you, you can add some honey as well. My favourite is Manuka.

And here some pictures of my smoothie, made from veggies right from the garden:

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