My love affair/ Moja ljubezen

I have an ongoing love affair with summer. And it’s not just because of lovely temperatures. Summer is so much more: It’s walking barefoot along the beach, your feet kissing warm, weather-beaten pebbles. It’s getting up early in the morning to see the orange globe rising from behind the rolling hills. Summer…is sitting on a pier, splashing your legs in water. It’s eating plums and chasing the wasps away. It’s the scent of a gentle summer rain. I have always had some strange affinity for the rain…and can most often not help myself but throw off my shoes and some of the clothes and just feel those little rain drops on my skin…and I open my mouth to catch some of the spherical miracles coming from above…and summer is also lazing your days away in a hammock and reading a good book.

I do not own the photos. No copyright infringement intended.

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