Lestenci rastejo v gozdu

For about two years or so I’ve been all into hand-made, OOAK things. And this post proves it all, I guess.

I think the idea of making our own chandeliers from branches and twigs is awsome. It’s cheap, it’s tons of fun and above all it’s something different. I’m really sick of all the Made-in-China mass production stuff. Not only does it look boring and dull but the odds are it was made by modern day slaves, very often children as young as five.  And most certainly I don’t want to be a part of it. A couple of years ago I read an article on modern day slavery in National Geographic and that really got me thinking. They work some 15 hours a day, every day, no such thing as vacation for them, they sleep in halls which often accomodate more than hundred workers, who sleep on a wooden panel on the concrete floor. One meal a day, usually soup, which more resembles water than anything else and a piece of old bread, often with signs of mold growing on it. So, buying Made-in-China, Made-in-Vietnam… stuff is definitely a big no-no. It might be cheap but at the same time it usually looks awful and reeks of slavery.

OK, so back to the chandeliers. You can collect fallen tree branches and sticks in your own backyard or in a forest, and bind them together with twine , arranging them however you want them to look.  This is definitely something you can play around  with and experiment with several branches or just a few.  I’m sure it would look amazing  with some christmas tree lights woven in!

Here’s some inspiration I found to get your creative juices flowing…

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