Sanjam zgodbo/My short stories

I’ve made a decision. I’m  taking part in a short story contest called Sanjam zgodbo (Dreaming a Story). The mere reason I’m doing it is the fact that if I want to take part in it, I’ve got to write something. And I’ve got to do it in Slovene. Which is though if you haven’t read anything (newspapers don’t count) in your mother tongue for twelve years. Yes, it’s been 12 years and funnily enough, I’m not even ashamed to admit it. So, being home bound I asked my BF to go and buy Brida for me. By Paulo Coelho. I’ve got it here but haven’t started it yet. Somehow I like those books on Kindle better but I do think Brida and I, will soon make friends.

I’ve started out on my short story already. Short stories, actually. Two of them are finsihed, one is half finished and I don’t like any of them. Maybe…just maybe I like the last one, where nothing happens on the outside, but there’s quite a bit going on in the mind of a young man. After having spent some three hours with that guy I think I’m in love with him. Or maybe I fell in love with the idea of such a guy, or maybe I fell in love with his mind-set. Which I realize is the mind-set I wish I had. Free-spirited, bohemian soul, relaxed and easy and artistic. Never constricted with what others think, living the life he loves and being happy. Genuinely happy. And being himself, having the courage to really, really be who he is. At all times. That’s my man. Inviting me to join him and find the courage to be myself. And forget about the expectations of others.

While writing I felt quite uninspired…. for writing that is. But the inspiration and hunger for shopping never seem to leave me. So, below are my purchases I made while working on my stories. Personally, I think all of them are super cute but I like the second one most. Or maybe the first one, cannot quite make up my mind. I absolutely love mixed media paintings. The first one is actually a handstitched quilt and the second one is adorned with a brown lace and a big, brown flower.

And here comes the second one:

And the third. Bright and dreamy:

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