I am aware more than ever that whenever this moment comes, I will not be able to take it. I will not be able to go on.

I do not feel anything, my body not mine, just a body on the shore, unmovable. I dissolve into the pebbles beneath me, the sky above me, the greenery around me. I dissolve and am gone just like him. Nothing remains behind us, an enchanted landscape untouched, basking in a  soul-caressing symphony of love. I am in the pebbles, his wet footprints on my body, quenching my thirst, I am in the trees, growing strong and   sturdy out of his cool, fertile soil, stretching my branches towards the huge red globe of his heart. His heart of the sun keeps me warm in the night and its whispery music makes me sway and dance during the storms of my life. I am the lake he dives in, my waters accepting his pain and sorrow and transforming them into waves of sheer bliss and ecstasy.

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