Magic all around /Čira čara

Observing little kids, I see time and again little masters of life. Why is it that when we grow up we forget something we used to be good at. Namely, living. Children live in the present moment. They are fully immersed in the here and now. They don’t regret the past, neither do they fear the future. They are happy. Now. Not tomorrow when I get a new job, a new partner, when I’ll go travelling. I often think why aren’t we capable of living in the here and now. That’s the only thing we have. The present moment. But, no, we keep regretting our failed relationships, we keep reminding ourselves we should’ve done things some other way. We keep postponing our happiness and finding countless conditions that all have to be fulfilled if we are to become happy. Now tell me how pathetic is that! Our future is not guaranteed. Ask a wife whose husband died of cardiac arrest, ask a family whose member died in a car accident.

All we have is today, so yeah, go ahead and make the best of it. Get rid of the fear. Be childlike, laugh, crack a joke, be a tad bit irresponsible, relax, love. Yes, love. Let your love flow to your partner, your kids, your neighbours, your freinds, let it flow to the strangers. Tell and show people you love them. You never know, maybe it’s your last chance. You can’t ever know, so let go of control, which isn’t even control, it’s supression.

And be supple, be pliant. That’s something we should all learn. The minds of the kids are like water: soft and pliant and supple. Their imagination and creativity are boundless. They keep finding new original solutions to their little problems. But we are stuck. We are stiff. We keep thinking the same thoughts, solving problems the same way, even if it doesn’t work, we are full of judgements, preconceived ideas. In comparison to children we’re just plain boring and lifeless and dull.

 So, do something creative, use your imagination. All that we do, we can do it creatively, be it cooking, gardening, cleaning our house, shopping, writing, whatever. Do something you haven’t done for a long, long time: learn a new language, dance, paint, tell your parents how much you love them, be grateful. I feel gratitude is so important in our lives. There are countless number of things you can be grateful for:

you have a job 

you’ve got freedom of choice

the sun is shining

you open the tap and there comes clean, cool water running out of it

you have no idea how hunger feels like

your child doesn’t have a brain tumor

your partner didn’t get a heart attack this morning

you’re not bound to a wheelchair

you can see (close your eyes for five minutes and try to do something: read a book, read this post, look at the sun. See?)

you can hear (you hear birds, a mountain spring, you here the words of your loved ones)

you have everything and much, much more than is necessary for a comfortable life  

The list never ends, so it makes no sense to blow up two or three things that aren’t quite alright and forget about hundreds of things that are alright.

Enjoy your Friday. Be yourself, slow down and look around, you’ll see magic! And you’ll fall in love with it.  x0x0, Tanja

Besedilo v slovenščini pride. Kmalu. 🙂

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5 Responses to Magic all around /Čira čara

  1. Liam says:

    Hi, there. Found your blog today. Lovin it!!!! So much wisdom coming from someone relatively young, I suppose. 🙂

  2. Keks says:

    Zelo dober prispevek. Ljudje se res premalo zavedamo kako dobro nam je in vedno iščemo samo slabo.

  3. Tanja says:

    Hi, Liam, good to hear you like my blog. Reltively young, yes. 🙂

    @Keks: Ja, na žalost nam res tiste tri stvari, ki niso ravno tako kot mislimo da bi morale biti, zameglijo pogled na vse dobre.

  4. Keks says:

    Amapk tebi vidim da ne. Sam moram pa še ogromno delati na tem.

  5. ines says:

    super članek. kot nalašč za petek. lepe fotke imaš zmeraj, take da rata človek kar dobre volje ko jih vidi. pa tut ko prebere prispevke.

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