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Sunday!! Sunday. And Sundays are f-u-n. In case yours isn’t as of yet it’ll be from now on.  I promise. The only thing you have to do is listen to this awsome song, sung by some utterly amazing artists, who are all part of PLAYING FOR CHANGE. Sing and dance along and send some peace, love and good vibes out into the world. I’m sending them right now…….*blows kisses to the East, West, South and to the North* to every corner of the world and especially to my dad in India. 🙂 🙂

We’ve had some gorgeous late autumn days lately, haven’t we?  Our garden couldn’t possibly be happier with the temperatures right now. preproga iz mladih kopriv

We can still enjoy a couple of raspberries every day or so and I can hardly imagine anything more rewarding than eating home-grown berries in November. Here you can see our beauties in a bowl, just in from the garden and below is the yellow variety basking in the October sun.


Garden allies are also still out and about.

Ladybugs were also there and one was hurrying along my sleeve and then down my palm. Such a cute creature with the body appearing bulky on those little, thin legs. It’s lovely to see how bees, ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies and birds  feel at home in our garden. All they need is a safe place, free of pesticides and other toxins and with some blooming flowers here and there and they’ll happily come to  help us with the gardening. They contribute to the overall balance of the garden by keeping the insects at healthy levels. Our gardens should by all means be a safe and healing haven for birds, bees and butterflies and other garden allies as well as for ourselves and our children. Don’t spray your lawn with pesticides and let it grow naturally. To me,  nothing seems uglier and duller and more unnatural than a short cut lawn. They look so utterly lifeless and artificial…a green emptiness without any sort of variety. And in comparison to wild, untamed meadows that are beaming with life, they look pathetic. When you discard the use of pesticides on your lawn and your notion of “perfection” you’ll soon find colourful flowers and weeds thriving happily among the grass and being visited by bees and butterflies.

We should have more reverence for bees and for all the hard work they do. To make a pound of honey, a bee flies a distance equal to more than two times around the world, visiting more than two million flowers. In the United States (and in Europe it’s no different) bees pollinate one quarter of all fruits grown for human consumption. By doing so, they do between $10 and $14 billion worth of work. That’s quite some money, isn’t it. Some bees gather nectar while others collect pollen and others of the community stay back in the hive to raise young or serve the queen. Pollen is very high in protein, containing five to seven times more than beef by weight. It is, just as royal bee jelly, a complete food source, containing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hormones and enzymes. Pollen, honey and royal jelly all conatin high levels of antioxidants and are great immunity boosters.

If you are allergic to pollen you might not be able to eat it, so simply try it out by yourself by putting a couple of grains under your tongue to see how it works for you. Bee pollen is also know for its antiradiation properties. It is high in vitamins A, B, C and E, nucleic acids, lecithin, cystein and minerals such as selenium, calcium and magnesium. All of these nutrients contribute in their own way in helping to protect against radiation.

Here is what Dr. G.J. Binding, a British scientist, author and world-famous expert on nutrition has to say about bee pollen:

Pollen is the finest food and best medicine ever discovered. Pollen contains the richest source yet revealed of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enyzmes and fats. It laso contains other substances which so far defy identification…..

…..Pollen not only builds up strenght and energy in the tired body but acts as a tonic. People have more vigour, vitality and increased resistence to infection….Honeybee pollen has shown itself to be a complete nourishment in every sense of the word.

And dr. Gabriel Cousens:

Pollen has an extremely high life force, which comes from the millions of living plant forces contained therein. Each pollen granule contains around 4 million pollen grains. One teaspoon contains about two and one -half billion to ten billion pollen grains. Each of these grains is the male semen, seed or germ cell of the plant kingdom. Every pollen grain has the power to fertilize and create a fruit, a grain, a vegetable, a flower or a tree. Pollen is said to contain all the elements necessary for the sustenance of human life. The San Francisco Medical research Foundation estimates that pollen has more than 5000 different enzymes and co-enzymes, which is more than any other food in existence. It is also a vegeterian source of human-active B12, most of the B vitamins, A, C, D and E, rutin, all the essential amino acids, linoleic acid, fats, complex carbohydrates, simple sugars, RNA, DNA, steroid horome substances……….

And the benefits go on and on.

Protect bees, love them, plant flowers and veggies and fruit trees for them and for your family, say no to sprayed produce, buy at local organic farmer’s markets and spread the word.

Shine, Inspire and Spread the Love,





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2 Responses to Jesenska pripoved – 3.del

  1. Liam says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden with us!!! When I see pics like these, I’d just get my things ready and move somewhere warm and remote and start growing things right away. And yes, I love bee pollen, I throw a handful in my morning smoothie and it’s delish as well as super nutritious and healthy! I use the wild variety from some mountain areas in the States.

  2. Tinka says:

    spet super lep prispevek! kje se pa dobi kaksen eko cvetni prah? kje od kaksnih cebel, ki zivijo in letajo dalec stran od njiv in mest?

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