Lessons of a Raindrop

November rain bringing back the times known and forgotten. A soft grey veil protecting the stories unborn. Each spherical miracle of translucent blue is pregnant with wisdom and lessons to learn. Wisdom does not only reside among the walls of universities and high up in the Himalayas. Wisdom is right here, falling from above, available for free to all of us:

1. Follow the natural course of events

When it’s warm the raindrops are raindrops when it gets cold they shift into snowflakes.

2. Take a leap

Be reasonable, of course, but you cannot always play it safe. Sometimes you need to take a leap into the unknown, like raindrops take a leap down to the Earth. Don’t be afraid, take a leap and you might discover worlds and worlds to explore.

3. Everything changes

A mountain spring- a river- an ocean- clouds- a raindrop…Life is a cycle and the only constant in life is change. The sooner we accept that, the easier we’ll have it. Water doesn’t resist change. Be like water, embrace change.

4. Be flexible and pliant

Water adapts easily to any shape: it is flexible and pliant. In the fast world of ours a flexible, pliant mind is a must. Think outside the box, don’t let your mind get stiff.

5. Be yourself, be beautiful

Raindrops are small and seemingly unimportant but they are beautiful because they are genuine and because they don’t pretend to be something more. Don’t try to be something more, someone else. Simply be yourself. Be beautiful.

I’m learning this all over again. But hey, rainbows are precious!


Have a great weekend, everyone.

Shine, Inspire and Spread the Love, 



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3 Responses to Lessons of a Raindrop

  1. Liam says:

    This is such an inspiring post for a rainy Friday. So agree with the flexibility thingy!! Stiff minds are dead minds. Wishing you a great weekend and sending much love on your way!

  2. Mateja says:

    jaz moram k dežju oz. vodi v začetni tečaj: glavo imam zarjaveto, ves čas mislim in delam ene in iste stvari, sprememb se bojim kot hudič križa, po naravi pa se tudi ne ravnam: pokonci sem takrat, ko bi mogla spat, spim takrat ko bi mogla biti pokonci, ah…
    mi je pa tale post všeč, res se lahko veliko naučimo če odpremo oči. lepo se imej!

  3. We are raindrops sooner or later going back to the sky with the help of the sun.

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