Winter solitude

 Snow waves rolling downhill in the moonlight.

The wind has stopped and all is quiet and peaceful again.

In the flickering light I’m reading an old book, which smells of your bohemian soul.

The words of Truth written by Lao Tzu, by which you lived our Life.

On the warm wooden floor – a solitary cup of chai garam.


Have a great Sunday!



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2 Responses to Winter solitude

  1. Liam says:

    Hi, Tanja. I’m loving this post. Totally wabi sabi. It’s refreshing to read a description of something simple, such as reading a book and drinking tea. I’m not sure why but all the writing nowadays concentrates on the author: what THEY think, what THEY feel, what THEY believe, what they WISH, which I find is terribly ego-inflating. ME, ME, ME, my thought, my emotions are sooo important and so is my judgement: this is good, this is bad.
    And this little vignette is simply an observation: snow waves, rollling down, flickering light, a book with a certain smell to it, warm floor, one cup. And it’s got a powerful effect on the reader. At least on myself. It’s like looking at a 3D snapshot of that particular moment. Very well done, I have to say. Take care.

    PS. Am at home with fever, sore throat, stuffed up nose and a headache. But I know I’m having it much, much easier than yourself. Sending you much love!

  2. Tanja says:

    Liam! I’m wishing you a speedy recovery. This illness has come at the most inconvinient time for you and I’m so sorry. I hope you can postpone your trip for some time later.
    I’m really glad you like the vignette. It just came out of nowhere…yesterday evening and I quickly scribbled it down. I like its wabi sabi air as well.
    Take care, rest a lot and pamper yourself with lots of fresh veggies and fruit and fresh juices.

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