My Wish For All Of You…

To all my lovely readers,

I wish you all  happy Christmas! In the coming year I hope you:


have the courage to be who you are and not who you’re supposed to be

can see that the past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. life happens in the now, so stop planning the future and regretting the past. embrace the present moment, open up, enjoy

find wonder in little, everday things

do something you’ve always wanted to do, however crazy or childlike it may seem

learn a foreign language

learn belly dance or salsa

sit down with a cup of tea and paint. it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to, just let the brush guide your hand

get up a little earlier and have a healing bath: light a candle, burn some incense and relax and breathe

learn to stop. stopping brings you back to yourself

learn to see. to really see. learn to hear and feel. let your rational mind take a rest here and there. feel things

do some yoga, tai chi

dance in your jammies          

walk barefoot

hug a tree, let its energies ground you and calm you down

write a letter to your old self

practice deep soul writing: sit down and write. don’t think. don’t censor your thoughts and feelings. just write. deep soul writing is a profoundly healing practice

be creative, do things differently and even if that only means taking a different route home from your work

acknowledge your fears. don’t push them away. don’t try to chase them. fear is OK, it’s very normal. be with it, pay attention to it. simply watch it. where do you feel it? in your chest, throat, in your belly? does it have a colour or texture? no need to name anything, just watch it as long as needed. and after some time you’ll realize you’re watching emptiness.

know that emotions aren’t permanent. they come and go. they’re just a form of energy flowing and shifting.

love a lot. open your heart and smile to a stranger, hug your parents, kiss your child. let the love flow freely.

learn to give freely: give your time, your expertise, your love, your clothes, your money, without expecting anything in return

become a spiritual gardener

laugh until you can no longer go on

buy few things. but when you do, buy something very special. something that has a soul.

know, that all you’re looking for, you already have. don’t look outside of yourself in search of love and thrill and happiness. look inside, there’s where the treasures are. you just have to dig them up. start today.

remember the quote by John Lennon: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Don’t plan, live.

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2 Responses to My Wish For All Of You…

  1. Liam says:

    Hey, Love you’re so inspiring! And this post has got to be my fave one ever. I’ve sent it on to my sister and she wrote back right away, saying: “The girl should write self-help books.” 🙂 And I think she’s right. You have the sensitivity it takes and you understand well human nature and our wish to make a change and live life to the fullest and the yearning to express oneself fully through art and creativity. This is really something to print out and live by it. But I’ll pass belly dance, OK? I’m wishing you HEALTH!!! You’ve got all the rest. All the best to your readers, too. Much LOve.

  2. Tinka says:

    Draga Tanja. Tudi tebi želim lep božič in srečno 2011. Hvala za tvoj blog, ki mi je poleg narave največji vir navdiha. Današnji post sem prenesla v Word, sprintala in ga bom priložila k darilom za svoje prijateljice. Hvala ti za tole danes. Neprecenljivo.

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