Za Valentinovo bi šotor. Hvala. /A Tent for Valentine’s Day. Thank You!

Ok, I admit. I couldn’t care less for Valentine’s day because it has nothing to do with love and all to do with consumption. And to see all those men running here and there with red roses and chocolates…well I’m happy I’m not their girlfriend because it must be hard to live with such a dull person who cannot think of a more creative and fun way of expressing love. Love is really such a fun thing! The real love, I mean. The love that is freedom. Complete freedom. But that love that so many people mistakenly call by that name is something I’m happy never to experience. You know what I’m talking about…partners trying to change one another, to possess one another, to dominate one another, partners that have tons and tons of expectations about each other and that keep demanding something from each other. Forget about it. Just love without any expectations. If something comes your way, be grateful if it doesn’t…good enough, you should be happy you’re loved. So if this awsome tent, which is romantically called Valentine’s love fort comes my way this Valentine’s Day I’ll faint, if it doesn’t I’ll make it myself. ON DESIGN SPONGE you’ve got all the instruction on how to built your own love fort. Enyoj and have fun!

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2 Responses to Za Valentinovo bi šotor. Hvala. /A Tent for Valentine’s Day. Thank You!

  1. Sabina says:

    Tanja, tol’k imaš luškan blok! Rada pokukam vanj. Upam, da se ti želja s šotorom jutri ureniči:)
    Naj bo teden čaroben in lep!

  2. Tanja says:

    Sabina, živijo. Lepo, da si se oglasila. Kar se pa šotora tiče pa dvomim, da bo kaj iz tega. 🙂 🙂 Lepo se imej!!

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