Flaming Lips /Vroče ustnice.

my moist body

under your flaming lips

sunflowers grow

The poem above is ehm…a love poem written by Mother Earth for her lover, the Sun. And looky, look they’ve produced…not sunflowers, not as of yet… but some lovely green babies for our raw soups and spring salads. Thank you. With gratitude,


Lovely nettles /Koprive

Trpotec /Plantain


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One Response to Flaming Lips /Vroče ustnice.

  1. Liam says:

    Oh, wow! Wow for the haiku, wow for the first photo. Though, I have to say that with you even nettles become sexy. 🙂 Hot, indeed are the nettles. So, I just got this idea while reading and re-reading the haiku about you and me starting a blog together. Where we would post snippets from our lives. Short scribbles, you know of distilled awarness. Thus we could practice mindfulness and write about little things in our lives. What dyou think?

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