Mad, mad men with chainsaws /Blodnje z motorno žago

I wish trees had legs, so they could run away and escape chainsaws. For three days now mad, mad men have been running up and down the slope here, with their maniacal smiles and cutting down, cutting down, killing trees, just like that. Trees that had been growing for thirty, forty years are now lying on the ground lifeless…and the whole slope is so dead that it makes you want to scream. 

Humans are the most destructive and violent ( and surely the most short sighted) species Earth has ever seen. What we’re witnessing all around, whereever we look is speciesism, which is a crazy deluded notion that we are superior to everything else, that everything exists not for its own sake but for us to kill and butcher and destroy and poison but only a blind man cannot see that at the same time we’re killing ourselves…we’re not just destructive, we’re self-destructive…..a slow, slow mass suecide. How I wish people recognized that without a thriving, healthy environment we are gone. We can have all the technologies one can conceive of but without nature we are as good as dead.

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One Response to Mad, mad men with chainsaws /Blodnje z motorno žago

  1. Liam says:

    So much cutting down happening everywhere. People should plant, you know. Plant trees, shrubs, lettuce, carrots, beets, herbs, flowers. Planting is fun and good for us, for our planet and the generations to come. For birthdays, anniversaries, holidays we should all buy each other trees.

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