Robots /Roboti

Millions of people never analyze themselves. Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained. They don’t know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction. By evading self-analysis, people go on being robots, conditioned by their environment. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.

Paramhansa Yogananda

Thanks for the image, Tumblr.

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2 Responses to Robots /Roboti

  1. Sabina says:

    Tanja, tol’k te ob večerih rada prebiram… še za nazaj…Človek v vsem res na marsikaj pozabi, žal. Hvala, ker svoja razmišljanja, ideje, besede, čudovite slik’ce, povezave… deliš z nami. Bodi čarobno! Ostani svoja!

  2. Tanja says:

    Hvala, Sabina. Vesela sem, da ti je blog všeč. Lepo, lepo se imej!!

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