Want To Change the World?

If you want peace in the world be peaceful in your very life. Be peaceful at your work, at your home, be peaceful within yourself. If you want love, love. Don’t wait for someone worthy and perfect to come along. Start loving right now. It’s your quality, love, like breathing. You never say, “Oh, I’ll breathe only where air is fresh and clean and perfect.” No, you go on breathing even in Mumbai and Los Angeles. And it is so with loving. It’s our inherent quality and has nothing to do with the other. If you want more kindness in the world be kind. Be kind at all times. Be kind to strangers, to your spouse, to your children, to trees, to animals, to the land, to the black, the poor, to yourself…. Don’t just wish that the world changed, change yourself and the world will change on its own. Because really…the world is made of little personal worlds.

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4 Responses to Want To Change the World?

  1. Sabina says:

    Tanja, hvala za spodbudne besede pred začetkom novega tedna! Naj bo teden ljubezniv, prijazen, sončen in tvoj!Pomežikec

  2. eva says:

    Yes! I want to change the world!! 🙂

  3. Rumi says:

    Spet prispevek, ki ga je treba tolikokrat prebrati, da se ti trdno vgnezdi v dušo. Prav v vsem imaš prav. Svet smo ljudje in svet je tak kot je večina ljudi. Če bomo miroljubni, bomo sejali mir, če bomo ljubeči, bomo sejali ljubeznivost, če bomo dobri bomo sejali dobroto. Naša čustva so kot semena, ki jih neprestano trosimo naokoli in kar bomo posejali to se bo razraslo.

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