Stop Your Growling and Wag Your Tails

(Photo via Tumblr.)

Just as a mirror only ever reflects back the face that looks into it, so the perceived world only ever reflects your state of consciousness. It is like in the old Tibetan parable of the dog in the hall of mirrors:

One day, while roaming around, a dog once became lost in a cave with many passages. He suddenly finds himself in a big hall, surrounded by a thousand mirrors. Wherever he looks he sees only dogs, nothing but dogs. Frightened and distrustful, he bristles and backs away a few steps. Since the dogs in the thousand mirrors do the same, he begins to growl, snarl, and bare his teeth ferociously. Growing terrified at the huge number of ferocious dogs he sees all around him, he falls into a state of utter confusion. He begins to run angrily in circles, which, of course, the dogs in the mirror do as well. This causes him to run faster and faster until all at once, he falls down dead.

Now comes the question: What would have happened had the poor dog just once wagged his tail? And so my dear friends, stop your growling and wag your tails instead. An Indian proverb says, “The smile that you send out will return to you.” The world is just a reflection of your self, and there is no sense in finding fault in a refection.

Zensho W. Kopp : The Freedom of Zen

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2 Responses to Stop Your Growling and Wag Your Tails

  1. Sabina says:

    Joj, luštna zgodbica!!!! Jo uporabim.
    En nasmeh in objemček zate!

    • Tanja says:

      Tudi meni je čez vse všeč. Če mahaš z repkom, maha s teboj cel svet…če renčiš in godrnjaš pa zoprn svet imaš! 🙂 🙂 Velik objem nazaj.

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