Just Another Diamond Day

Low-hanging clouds, almost touching the topmost branches of the beeches. Nothing stirs, even the always playful leaves have gone to sleep. Birds are quiet, with the exception of a magpie ranting in our neighbours’ spruce. And the swallows! There is enough happiness for one day just watching them how happily they dart up and down, chirrping all the while…. catching little flies and announcing another evening of thunderstorms.

I hear car tyres crunching on the gravel, approaching. Breaks screeching. The postman in his bright yellow t-shirt climbs out of the car and shoves a couple of envelopes in the mailbox.

Mum walking downhill with a basket full of green beans.

In my inbox I find dad’s encouraging message. I treasure his words dearly, especially because I know how hard it is for him to squeeze these lines into his busy schedule.

Despite the ghosts roaming around in my mind, I have a responsibility to my loved ones. I make a vow to myself to live each day in the best way that I can and to illuminate every moment with the energy of mindfulness and live it in a way that is beautiful, solid and free.

Happy new week!

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4 Responses to Just Another Diamond Day

  1. sABINA says:

    Čarobno prepletene besede dneva in v objektiv ujeti čudovit pogled, polni košari, čarobni svetovi ameriškega slamnika… Kako srečni so včasih trenutki…
    Tanja, želim ti jih obilo!!!!

  2. mata says:

    Tako lepo, da ne sme in ne more biti hudo !!! 🙂 , pa če prav vem, da ni lahko. Želim ti, da bi čim hitreje sama polnila košare s pridelki z vašega vrta in sama obiskovala skrite kotičke, katere lahko odkrivamo v tvojih prekrasnih besedilih in pripetih fotografijah. Sicer pa naj bodo “ghosts roaming around in your mind” le redke izjeme, tako kot so pri večini od nas. Lepo bodi!

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