Brown Hands, Happy Faces


Sun plays hide-and-seek with the wandering clouds and winks mischievously at the first fat raindrops. Soft green birch and beech leaves – tender and delicious, tossed in a salad of wild greens. Alder catkins look like plump green worms hanging from the branches. Cukoo song echoes from beyond the trees.



Brown hands, dirt behind the socks. Happy faces. Potatoes and oca (oxalis tuberosa) safe and snug in the ground, together with carrots, onions, collard, spinach, radishes, peas, leeks, beets and parsley.


Seeds are truly the most powerful things on the planet. They are wise teachers, giving us lessons on preservance and creative courage. Listen, listen with your whole body and mind and you’ll understand why saving, exchanging and planting seeds is so very important and why it’s our responsibility to fight Big Agra and Monsanto – not with anger and violence , but with compassion and unwavering faith in the inherent goodness of all things.

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3 Responses to Brown Hands, Happy Faces

  1. mata says:

    Vrt se polni, veliko dela, še več veselja in ob vsem tem še čas za pohajkovanje po gozdovih in fotkanje. Sploh tista gabrova kačica mi še pa še dopade. Veliko veselja z vrtom in prizanesljive Ledene može!

  2. Sabina says:

    Same take happy faces fotke in happy ter zdrave zapise nam poklanjaš!!!
    Happy day!!!! Healthy day!!!

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