Freshness From the Garden



I have a toothy devil in my mouth sitting at the very back of the row and making sure I can never quite forget about him. But who cares about a naughty tooth, when there are blossoms and heavenly sweet strawberries from the garden and from the brink of the forest. And there is crispy lettuce – so fresh and alive I think I could live on it for ever and longer. And crunchy carrots and baby kohlrabi, which I love to eat with walnuts.







Dreams of pebbles and seagulls. Another kind gift from my dear friend Sabina and her daughter. A gentle, beautifully written story about courage and kindness in the midst of adversity.

Peaceful music during the day and crickets during the night. A bouquet of wild flowers in the dining room. They bring so much cheer into our home! And if I am quiet and still I can hear them teach me about true beauty, about the fleeting nature of life and the acceptance of the inevitable.

Have a lovely weekend!

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6 Responses to Freshness From the Garden

  1. Sabina says:

    Ob ob vseh navdihujočih besedah, čudovitih fotografijah…trenutki uresničenih sanj…
    Použij najslajše trenutke vedno znova in znova!
    Tanja, hvala ”za naju vmes”!

  2. Barbi says:

    Tanja, živjo 🙂 spet vam uspeva čudovit vrt, eno samo veselje življenja… lepo, lepo se imej

    • Tanja says:

      Barbi!! Hejhoj k vam. 🙂 Vrt je pa letos bolj tako tako. Polno nekih živalic imamo, ki jejo vse po vrsti, sploh ohrovt in zelje, pa brokoli imajo zelooo rade. Ampak bo že še ostalo tudi kaj za nas, a ne. Velik objem!

  3. janez says:

    ne vem, ali se optimizem preliva iz tebe na vrt ali z vrta na tebe. ne glede na živalce, ki se mastijo z eko zelenjavo, vrt zgleda odlično.

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