Peonies, Strawberries and Man with a Paintbrush


struggle in the heat,

yet their hearts remain


for bees and butterflies.

My mum has just brought me a peony blossom on a long stem. I inhale its heady perfume  until I’m quite dizzy.




A bowl of wild strawberries on the wooden table on the terrace. I pop a couple at a time in my mouth and crush them with my tongue. What joy when their sweet-sour juice fills my mouth. Their mysterious forest fragrance just adds to the experience of this simple pleasure.


It’s a happy sight to see my flowers already peeking  from the ground. Although they are tiny I admire them for their determination and zest to grow towards the sun. I bought the seeds a couple of weeks ago at Sarah Raven, but my mum sowed them only ten days ago. They will bloom late into autumn in the gentle palette of “strawberries and cream”.


Cornflower blue sky, sun the colour of crushed marigolds. Lazy midday silence. Words about of a man who was frighteningly talented. Without a single word of complaint he bore hunger, cold, extreme poverty, loneliness and illness. All these hardships didn’t deter him from creating one masterpiece after another with almost feverish haste. Whenever my exhaustion is at its worst I call him to mind and as if by a miracle I muster the strength to live the way he painted.

Happy new week!

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6 Responses to Peonies, Strawberries and Man with a Paintbrush

  1. Flora says:

    Še en najlepši post! Hvala, Tanči.

  2. janez says:

    Kakšen lep začetek tedna!Čudovit post pospremljen s čudoovitim sončnim dnem. Potonike so pa vsaj tako lepe kot Van Goghove sončnice, prav škoda, da mu jih življenje ni prineslo pred platno saj bi jih zagotovo slikal dneve in dneve in bil ves opit od njihovega močnega vonja, polnega poletja in žlahtne otožnosti.

  3. Sabina says:

    Kol’k barv in sončnih besed! Se počutim kot na Pearch hill farm… samo ne vem, če rastejo tam takoooooooosladke gozdne jagode:)
    Srečen teden, Tanja!

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