Never Move a Pebble


A thistle flower grows on the shore. She’s a lonely flower, braving her solitude not with bitterness but with the beauty of her vibrant colours. Sometimes a stray bee visits and the flower offers her a resting place, a place to soothe her hungry tummy. But very soon the flower is on her own again, not mourning her fate but just being a flower, growing roots deep down into the sandy soil to ensure the nourishment for herself even in the spells of dry weather.



Pebbles are round and smooth and warm. When on the beach it’s of the utmost importance never to move a pebble or a rock, as by doing so, we can send many little moist sand loving bugs into a flight. We should learn to just look, observe kindly and appreciate and to not mess with everything around us. The universe is old and her wisdom is boundless and she knows pretty well how to take care of itself, and of all its myriad bug forms – animal and human alike.

Sunny new week.

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14 Responses to Never Move a Pebble

  1. Flora says:

    Waw, krasno, Tanči. Uživaj, uživaj, uživaj. Letos pa zame ni morja.

  2. Flora says:

    No, v Bohinj pa mogoče še grem :).

  3. Flora says:

    Aja, pa še nekaj: A veš, da sem bila včeraj po dolgem času zopet na Zvohu? Kot da bi bil cel Krvavec moj. Zelo lepo je bilo. Sneg in smučanje pogrešam že 2 tedna.

  4. janez says:

    Navdih z Bohinja, isn`t it? Pa čeprav so ljudje verjetno počeli vse kaj drugega, kot da bi pustili v krasnem okolju vse pri miru in samo občudovali naravo.

  5. Sabina says:

    Čudovite fotografije in krasen zapis!!!!
    Tale zadnji komentar me je nasmejal…
    Sončkast in nadvse drugačen teden, Tanja!

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