Lessons of a Flower

This night –

so long,

I no longer remember the day.

Is it round?

Is it purple?


The above photo, however, taken on our little roadtrip this Sunday, gives me great hope and courage, whenever I look at it. What holds great significance for me, is the sunflower in the foreground, which, unlike the stiff and rigid church in the back, knows how to bow and yield gracefully:


which knows how to bend

cannot be broken

May we all learn to bow, to bend, to yield. To always be supple. To learn from the flowers.

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6 Responses to Lessons of a Flower

  1. Flora says:

    Another rough night? 😦

  2. mata says:

    so, keep on taking roadtrips, whenever you can. Even the picture feels good!

  3. Sabina says:

    Tanja, keep going! Naproti cvetlicam. Sončku. Zvezdam.

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