Sometimes something extraordinary happens. And this last Saturday was just such a day. At the back of my grandparents’ mountain cottage, I found a sunflower. It was stunted in growth, that’s true, but that just made her sunny colours so much more admirable. Looking at her, I realized how noble solitude can be, if one knows how to live it with grateful acceptance and some mysterious humble dignity that the sunflower exhibited. I also realized that true courage is only the courage which is quiet and gentle, yet stoic. But above all I realized, how a single flower can gladden one’s heart.

Thank you to the bird who had brought sunflower seeds to that cold, serene mountain valley.

Have a calm new week. May you too find things, precious and rare.

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3 Responses to Sunflower

  1. Sabina says:

    Kar ne najdem besed. Lahko berem znova in znova…
    Topel pozdravček in veliko navdihov, Tanja!

  2. janez says:

    Ni kaj, sončki so povsod. Hvala bogu.

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