Afloat in the Sad, Soft Void of Eternity

The Wind carries me to the sky

and leads me across the billowing cloud-meadows

onto the ink-blue stage of night.

As we stand in the centre,

the quiet celestial music starts to play

and millions upon millions of stars light up at the same time.

Helplessly I quiver in his cold, blue hands

as we twirl and twirl

ever faster

until the whole Universe is a maddening blur

of spinning stars and moons, of blazing suns and planets.

Finally, a swirling galaxy gobbles me up and



I become ever smaller

until I’m just a tiny speck floating

in the sad, soft void of Eternity.

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4 Responses to Afloat in the Sad, Soft Void of Eternity

  1. Sabina says:

    Tanja, a bo enkrat knjiga poezij?
    Globoka… a lepa… Jo berem znova in znova..

  2. janez says:

    Masterpiece for certain, but… ne vem, meni bi bila zagotovo bolj všeč, če bi izvenela bolj optimistično. Pa mogoče kakšna druga, v trenutkih, ko bodo zvezde postavljene bolj ugodno 🙂

  3. Flo says:

    Tako lepa, da sem jo twittnila. Love from me <333333

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