Sunny Morning in the Mounatin Valley


A nippy sunny morning with the sweet sad tang of autumn. Dewdrops in the grass glisten serenely and reflected in every one of them are my dear old mountains basking in the soft glow of the late summer sun.

The sound of cow bells echoes from beyond the woods, coming closer and closer until the loveliest young bulls appear on the meadow. They come to meet me, their big eyes deep dark pools of gentleness and peace.


As we drive away I pray they be safe, I pray they stay alive for a long, long while, enjoying the meadows, the tiny white flowers and the soft sighing of winds in the old trees.



Please, cherish all beings.

They are just like you, like me: they too wish to be happy and they don’t want to suffer.

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3 Responses to Sunny Morning in the Mounatin Valley

  1. Sabina says:

    A se je zgodila K.? Čudovito je videt!!!! Slišat… Doživet…

  2. janez says:

    Tako zadovoljnega in spucanega goveda pa že dolgo nisem videl. Prav izžareva dobro razpoloženje. Glede na vreme in pa ker imaš na fotki kar nekaj hribov v ozadju pa imam občutek, da se bodo drva s klopce prav kmalu preselila v peč.

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