The sound of the wind makes this night colder still. Planted by the window, I watch the darkness dissolve in the rain, a stream of smeared black dripping from the branches. There’s a brown moth pressed against the windowpane, her wings folded serenely as if in prayer. With a gust of wind one of her wings lifts a little, just to settle down again the next moment.

Above the hills to the south a lightning strikes, breaking the midnight-sky into a jagged half.

Reluctantly, I leave the window, flip on the small shoji lamp in the hall and walk towards my bedroom:

keeping to the wall

it follows me


into my dreams

my shadow

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2 Responses to Darknesses

  1. Sabina says:

    Tanja, meni je tole tako lepo stkano, da berem znova in znova.
    Naj bodo tvoje noči čim bolj mirne in polne sanj!

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