Always Something to Celebrate






The leaves of autumn burn-burn-burning in their desire to live their last days with all their might, with their desire to give us the ultimate delight.

How plaintive the sound of the wind now, wrapping its cold fingers around the bare branches, mourning the loss of every one of its leafy playmates that falls. But great tits, this most cheerful of birds, hop along the branches, singing and whistling and twitching their little tails. How wonderful their ability to always find something to celebrate.

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3 Responses to Always Something to Celebrate

  1. Sabina says:

    Kako zelo zelo toplo! Lepo! Naravnost praznično, ja!
    Použij te barve in bodi srečna!

  2. janez says:

    Ko sem odprl tale post, sem poslušal radio in zato : Goji na modri podlagi. A se hecaš, ne, če bi se hecal, bi dejal….. Lepo se imej.

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