A Cricket With Important News

Sylvia Plath said: I’d be much happier if I didn’t think. Oh, Sylvia, I, too, at least if I didn’t think of so many foolish things, which scare me.

I was just thinking this very thing, when suddenly I heard something, a sweet small voice, so familiar and so dear to my ears. Quickly, quickly, I opened the picture window and yes! Unmistakably: a cricket. The very first field cricket of the year. He stopped chirping right away, because my having opened the window scared him. They are sensitive creatures and enjoy their peace and quiet and don’t like to be disturbed.

But it was enough. The magic had been woven. Funny, how sometimes something so tiny can suddenly become big and important…so many ways we make ourselves happy, even if it means blowing out of all proportion a tiny event.

But to me, it was the most important event of the day, more important than any in the news. The very first cricket! A lone courageous harbinger of warmth, of long summer days, of balmy star-studded nights, fragrant with wild flowers and tall grasses. The season of fresh juicy fruit and veggies, of the sunny sweetness of wild strawberries, of bare feet and breathing bodies, not imprisoned under the layers of clothes.

A happy season, I think. And the cricket said chirp, chirp and agreed with me.

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8 Responses to A Cricket With Important News

  1. AshiAkira says:

    Such tiny creatures the crickets are. But they can bring us such a big gift. I know exactly what you experienced. Here, however, we have to wait a few months more to hear crickets chirping because our summer is so hot and sweltering that the crickets have to wait until cool autumn comes before they can come out and sing their love song. When we hear their singing that sounds like silver bells for the first time after the summer is over, we feel so peaceful, and warm tea tastes so good. Enjoy your peace with the cricket sound now. In our different place on the globe, we’ll catch up with you a few months later for our share of the pleasure. 🙂

    • Tanja says:

      Thank you for your beautiful comment, Ashi. I didn’t know that the crickets in some places in Japan only begin singing their love songs in autumn. That, I find very interesting, especially because I thought that wherever they are, they start singing in spring, so that then they have enough time for the babies to properly grow up before the cooler days set in. It’s true, though, that here the winters are much harsher than in Tokyo and they begin sooner, thus why they hurry, I think. 🙂 I really liked to read about the autumn and the warm tea and their song. So in Tokyo you associate them with the peacfulness that the autumn brings and here we associate them with the summer, which is a more active time of the year.

  2. Sabina Vodenik says:

    Jaz ga še nisem doživela… Kako ljubko. Naj te razveseljuje še pa še… do poletja in še naprej…

  3. Bojca Januš says:

    Draga Tanja, hvala čričku, da te je spravil s teh misli! Nikar ne nehaj misliti, niti pisati.

  4. janez says:

    res lepo in res ni potrebno veliko, da pretrgamo vsakodnevni tok misli, ki je lahko tudi tak, da nas navdaja z obupom, strahom in še čem. danes criček, jutri škrjanček, pojutrišnjem morske orgle, verjemi, da se bo vsak dan kaj našlo in tebi, pa tudi nam vsem, saj nismo nič drugačni, lajšalo in polepševalo dneve. danes mi črne misli odganja veder, a mrzli severnik ali pa severovzhodnik, malo se menjat, da si lahko ponovno napolnita pljuča 🙂

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