A Friendly Breakfast

I eat little. There are seven billion people and we are on a small planet, so we must be careful to only use as much as we need and not more. Some 80% of the food I eat is homegrown in our big organic garden and in our orchard. It’s very good food: clean and nutritous, veggies and fruit, which have known only love all through their lives. That is important, because plants, too can feel, the way we do, only in their own special plant-way. Showing them love matters so much, because then they grow strong and healthy and when we eat them, we too get their health and strength.

Today, for breakfast, I had a smoothie, made from freshly picked lettuce and swiss chard, from last autumn’s apples, walnuts and berries. There was nothing store-bought in my glass, only veggies and fruit that I have known since they were but little seeds. It was a good breakfast: delicious and nutritious for my body and soul, healthy for Gaia and me.

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2 Responses to A Friendly Breakfast

  1. Sabina Vodenik says:

    O, Tanja, kako čudovito. Zajtrk. Pogled na travnik. Cvetove.
    Ko ozdraviš, boš ravno za med cvetlice.
    Maham… skozi sonček in kaplje ter pošiljam najbolj dišeče želje.

  2. Tanja says:

    Hvala, Sabina. Mislim, da smo za med cvetlice v resnici kar vsi. 🙂 Naš domek.

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