Drobni padalci/ Tiny Parachutes

regratova lučka v vetru —

drobni padalci nesejo

svoj semenčkast tovor

na mesto,

ki je najbolj pravo

🌼 🌼 🌼

dandelion fluff in the wind —

tiny parachutes


their seed-cargo

to just the right place

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4 Responses to Drobni padalci/ Tiny Parachutes

  1. AshiAkira says:

    I love this poem because it beautifully depicted what I feel about dandelions.
    Most people cut and mow dandelions as weeds obstructing to the “beauty” of the gardens and lawns. But I love dandelions. They are so strong they can grow through narrow cracks of asphalts. Besides, I think their bright yellow is beautiful. And they are so tender and loving that they softly protect their seeds in the fluffs. When the time comes, they release the seeds in the fluffs in the spring wind so that their off springs be carried to places to grow for a new generation – for eternal life.

    • Tanja says:

      I too love dandelions. Their yellow is the happiest yellow possible. It’s impossible to see a dandelion and not to cheer up. I always do. And the bees love them too, they are such an important early-spring food source for them and people really really shouldn’t cut them down.

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