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Late Summer Sweetness

How quietly and sweetly late summer has come. Advertisements

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Sometimes something extraordinary happens. And this last Saturday was just such a day. At the back of my grandparents’ mountain cottage, I found a sunflower. It was stunted in growth, that’s true, but that just made her sunny colours so much more admirable. … Continue reading

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Sweet Sad Taste of Autumn

Autumn wind, summer sun. The endless blue of summer has floated further south and the storks will soon follow. I will miss their still, graceful silhouettes, watching over the village from their chimney-top nests. I will miss heat-cracked earth under my bare feet, … Continue reading

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Threads of Dreams

Clouds are white and white and white, alive and fluffy against the far-off blue sky. The sun gentle and warm against my skin. It peeks behind my shades and naughitly tickles my sleepy, weary eyes. Buzzing of bees accentuates the deep, rich … Continue reading

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A Gift From the Mountains

He sniffs the air and pricks up his ears at the whooshing sound above. Moments later the north wind brings him a gift from the mountains – a single snowflake on his muzzle. I hope you too have received many gifts today.

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Cry, Be Vulnerable, Feel Gratitude

Let your heart break into a million pieces today. Allow yourself to cry today. Be vulnerable today. Feel gratitude today for the smallest and most ‘insignificant’ things. A taste. A glance. A breath. On this day of all days – … Continue reading

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Everything’s OK

The last couple of days have been really trying for my family and myself. Yesterday I was so exhausted I couldn’t even think or understand properly what was being said to me. But then when I put my head down … Continue reading

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