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Breathing Happiness/ Dihajmo srečo

The video in the link is for all of us. It’s not a complete solution, but if we’re well trained, it can help us out of the worst. First aid. Video, skrit pod povezavo je za vse od nas. Ni … Continue reading

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A Cricket With Important News

Sylvia Plath said: I’d be much happier if I didn’t think. Oh, Sylvia, I, too, at least if I didn’t think of so many foolish things, which scare me. I was just thinking this very thing, when suddenly I heard … Continue reading

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Splashes of Colour and The Wings of Spring

Curling from the morning teacup – the flowers from last summer’s meadows. On my body tiny silver needles in the points invisible to the modern busy mind/eye, which is used to darting from one excitement to the next. Slowly they … Continue reading

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O neskončnosti in nebu/ Of Infinity and Sky

Sediva na vrhu hriba in nebo nad nama je neskončno, sonce prijazno, toplo rumeno in ves mir je najin. Deliva ga s starimi hruškami in z macesnom, ki mu je mati narava naredila iglice iz samega zlata. In sinice in taščice … Continue reading

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Svobodna /Freedom!

 The wind blowing through your hair, the warm sun on your face, the cool ground beneath your bare feet, the heavenly rains against your skin, a sunrise, a sunset, a flower, a beautiful song. Simplicity at its best, beauty at … Continue reading

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Magic all around /Čira čara

Observing little kids, I see time and again little masters of life. Why is it that when we grow up we forget something we used to be good at. Namely, living. Children live in the present moment. They are fully … Continue reading

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Letting go/ Svoboda je dostopna vsem

Some years ago I suddenly became possessed by the yearning, this really, really strong yearning for freedom. I wanted to do things I felt like doing and not those other people expected me to do. I wanted to get rid … Continue reading

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