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Mountains Breathing, Mountains Teaching

The best part of yesterday was the late evening, when it was already a bit dusky in the valley and the mountain towering above our house was gloriously lit up by the setting sun. When I came in the kitchen and … Continue reading

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New Green Windows

On the south-facing slopes, the spring is already peeking through its new green windows and squinting sleepily into the sun. The sun’s golden fingers are geting longer by the day. They now already reach all the branches and twigs tickling the catkins until … Continue reading

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Want To Change the World?

If you want peace in the world be peaceful in your very life. Be peaceful at your work, at your home, be peaceful within yourself. If you want love, love. Don’t wait for someone worthy and perfect to come along. Start … Continue reading

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Winter solitude

 Snow waves rolling downhill in the moonlight. The wind has stopped and all is quiet and peaceful again. In the flickering light I’m reading an old book, which smells of your bohemian soul. The words of Truth written by Lao Tzu, by … Continue reading

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Jesenska pripoved – 3.del

Sunday!! Sunday. And Sundays are f-u-n. In case yours isn’t as of yet it’ll be from now on.  I promise. The only thing you have to do is listen to this awsome song, sung by some utterly amazing artists, who are all part … Continue reading

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International Day of Peace, Everybody / Mednarodni dan miru

There is no way to peace, peace is the way. – A. J. Muste Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, something you do, something you are and something you give away. – Robert Fulghum When … Continue reading

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Permakultura/Edible Forest Gardens

So the thing is I’ve been totally and absolutely inspired by all the permaculture buzz lately. Maybe there isn’t much buzz at all and it’s just me, finding pemaculture everywhere I look. Well OK, probably because that’s what I’m searching … Continue reading

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