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Divji cvetovi /Wild Blossoms

V dežju se njene razpokane rjave roke nežno odprejo in iz njih požene na tisoče in tisoče divjih cvetov —- In the rain her cracked brown hands open gently and into the sky they shoot thousands upon thousands of wild, wild blossoms … Continue reading

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Nothing Special

Nothing special today, just this cold rain and brown leaves and a fleeting thought of easy death

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The sound of the wind makes this night colder still. Planted by the window, I watch the darkness dissolve in the rain, a stream of smeared black dripping from the branches. There’s a brown moth pressed against the windowpane, her wings folded serenely as … Continue reading

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A Little Tomato

A precious gift from the garden – the very first cherry tomato of the season. With shades of orange, it looks like a tiny setting sun. It is firm and makes a lovely plomp sound as I crush it with my teeth. It … Continue reading

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Ginger Muffins, Forest Songs

The forest is singing today: every leaf rustling its own melody, every drop of water humming its soft eternal tune. During the night little streams sprung up from the forest floor and now they are scurrying, bubbling and giggling their way … Continue reading

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Through the Mists

Shrouded in mists, the woods after the rain. It smells of mushrooms and heavy black soil, of wet bark. Ferns bejewelled with raindrops brushing against my legs. Drip-drop, drip-drop from the trees, strands of wet hair sticking to my brow. … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Come This Way

-Dear Rain, come over here, let me give you a hug!- A wonderfully sunny day has broken, though by now we could do well with some gentle spring rain or with a nice refreshing storm. The soil is parched, the grass hardly grows, our garden needs … Continue reading

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