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Always Sweetness Inside

Tenderly the sweetness spilling out. Advertisements

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Honeydew Melons

Contentedly meloning in the shade.

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Summer Dinners

Tomatoes, zucchini, string beans, peas from our garden in Istria. Quiet, happy dinners on the terrace. The sound of forks scraping the plates, glasses clink. Mediterranean-inspired fritters with tofu, zucchini, tomatoes and fresh herbs. A refreshing cucumber dip. Crickets chirp. A … Continue reading

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Freshness From the Garden

I have a toothy devil in my mouth sitting at the very back of the row and making sure I can never quite forget about him. But who cares about a naughty tooth, when there are blossoms and heavenly sweet strawberries … Continue reading

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Brown Hands, Happy Faces

Sun plays hide-and-seek with the wandering clouds and winks mischievously at the first fat raindrops. Soft green birch and beech leaves – tender and delicious, tossed in a salad of wild greens. Alder catkins look like plump green worms hanging … Continue reading

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Permakultura/Edible Forest Gardens

So the thing is I’ve been totally and absolutely inspired by all the permaculture buzz lately. Maybe there isn’t much buzz at all and it’s just me, finding pemaculture everywhere I look. Well OK, probably because that’s what I’m searching … Continue reading

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