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Reason for Hope

I just finished reading Reason for Hope by Jane Goodall. Dr. Jane is one of my heroes and her comittment to fighting for the chimpanzees, for the forests, the environment in general, inspires me daily. If I weren’t ill, I’d want to be … Continue reading

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Ginger Muffins, Forest Songs

The forest is singing today: every leaf rustling its own melody, every drop of water humming its soft eternal tune. During the night little streams sprung up from the forest floor and now they are scurrying, bubbling and giggling their way … Continue reading

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Organic Vegan Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Sifting flour through my fingers, squeezing a lemon and popping blueberries in my mouth. They are sweet and sour and sweet again. They are squishy and juicy and there are never enough of them in the bowl so mum has to … Continue reading

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To Kill an Innocent Bee / Ubila sem čebelo

Being a vegan is not just about food. It’s so much more than that. It’s also not just a lifestyle but a mind-set. To live and not to harm, not to practice ahimsa (non-violence) but to live it. In my case … Continue reading

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Mandljevo mleko z bučo butternut /Butternut Squash Mylk. Yum!

Kakšni lepi jesenski dnevi! Ima me, da bi cele dni hodila okrog po hribih, skozi gozdove in kaj vem kje še vse, ter samo škljocala in škljocala. Nekaj dni nisem imela pri sebi fotoaparata, ker se je potepal po Moskvi, … Continue reading

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McDonald’s:McCruelty…I’m hatin’ it

 Imate radi McDonald’s? Ne, verjetno ne.  McDonald’s je preteklost.  Če pa še niste prepričani, vam lahko pomaga TALE STRAN Nobeno ubijanje živali ni humano, a vseeno obstajajo bolj in manj “humane” metode. Če se nikakor ne morete ali ne želite … Continue reading

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